Gritty Mix

farm96744March 2, 2014

Was wondering if anyone uses Al's gritty mix.

I'm been thinking about planting my succulents in it. How hard would it be to get the ingredients here on Oahu?

(screened pine bark, turface mvp, #2 granite grit)

I've ordered a quart of foliage pro from amazon; seems to be an ok price for it.

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Use diatomaceous earth for the turface. It holds water better, and is so much cheaper. They sell it as oil absorber at your local auto parts store. Just look for 100% diatomaceous earth. I promise! You could probably find orchid bark too. And look at a farmer's supply for granite grit sold as chicken grit.

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I am new to succulents here in Hawaii and was researching about Al's Gritty Mix too. Ingredients are so hard to find. You won't find anything at our local Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, etc. big stores.

I found Turface MVP at Koolau Farmers in Dillingham blvd. a 5lb bag was like $5.99. Looking for cheaper alternatives, I read that you can use Napa autopart's Floor Dry (oil absorber) as it is made of the same baked clay. A big bag costs $9.99. But I followed somebody else's tip about Walmart's Oil-Dry bag for $4.99 and found it at the Keamoku store.

For Pine Bark Fines... no luck on this. But I read somewhere that we could use coconut coir. I found it at Koolau Farmers in Beretania. A big block cost $14.99? but yields lots once reconstituted. Though some comments say it is too fine.

For crushed granite... Still deciding what to use as I haven't find crushed granite.
I tried red cinder, but chunks are big! Went to Kiso Store in Waipahu and got a big bag of pea gravel for $6.10. But particles are too big.
Read that people use chicken grit, and found 10lb bags at Family Feed in School street for $4.50 a bag ... considering that in the mainland, a 50lb bag cost around $6.00....

Seems like this mix ingredients is similar to the one used for bonsais... Hope someone can give us better tips!

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Have you tried granite grit from a roofing supply company? I used A1 grit #5, I emailed A1 to find out a local retailer back when I lived on the mainland, they responded quickly.

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A mix for succulents need not be so specific. You need a lot by volume of what is called "coarse aggregate" for drainage . Probably 75%. Then some bark or even potting soil to hold water. Plus a little fertilizer. Use what is available here locally.

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