Starting Lilikoi from seed?

garden_isle_dave(9b)April 28, 2009


Have tried and tried, and can't seem to figure out how to grow it from seed reliably, I've started probably 35 seeds or so in the last few months, and have had only a handful of sprouts. Any tips would be much appreciated, much mahalo in advance!

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It does take months and months for the seeds to sprout. I have tried the tricks of pre-soaking in vinegar and nicking the seed with no apparent improvement. The best thing I have found is to plant the seeds and wait many weeks or several months (maybe less waiting would work too), then disturb the top few inches of soil where they are planted, and continue watering and waiting. I have had good luck with sprouts appearing right after the soil being tilled. Then you have to go through a very long seedling phase, where they don't grow at all for months and then suddenly one day there is a vine taking off for the sky. Anyway that's my experience so far and would sure like to learn more ways to speed this gift from the gods.

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Can't you just find a vine - cut it short to where it enters the ground - then dig it up and transplant ? Just an idea - never done it.

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seems like it wouldn't be too hard to take cuttings from although i haven't tried it.

i planted some p. alata seeds a few years ago and they sprouted right away. i kept them under refrigeration before planting, doubt that made a difference.

There is a passiflora forum here where you might get some better answers. They might even have a FAQ ; )

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I've had very good luck starting reluctant sprouters by heating up enough water (not the seeds at this point!) to cover the seeds(10 sec in the microwave works well), then putting the seeds in to soak for an hour or so. Haven't specifically tried this for Lilikoi yet, as I was given a very nice litte seedling.

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I tried taking yellow and purple fruits and took half the seeds and washed them clean, and the other half, I left the sticky covering on. I dried them both for two days. I put them in 3" containers with potting mix. 95% of the seeds started within 2 weeks outside, watering once daily. It didn't seem to matter if they were clean or not. This was August on Maui, so probably the warm weather helped.

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T. Oki Trading, Ltd.

I think ScottonMaui is right about the warm weather. I planted several tablespoons of seeds that I had stored in the refrigerator for a month in July and it appears that every seed grew. I had a few pots with dense clumps of seedlings pushing through. The seeds were from the yellow and purple variety and pushed through the potting mix in about two weeks.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

I just split open a fruit and smear pulp and seeds into the dirt, get choke plants. Like Scott, I'm in warm weather area.

I grew a giant lilikoi from cuttings, but it took several years to fruit; seedlings fruited in a year or two.

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Jen Fordyce

I just planted my beautiful, thriving, 1' tall lilikoi grown from Hawai'i Island seeds that I pulled out of a fruit on the side of the road. Now it's in my garden on Maui and suddenly drooping after just a few hours, when it did so well in my kitchen :( Any suggestions? Is full sun not good? Its seeds came from a huge vine growing in full sun...

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

It's hard on plants to make a big change. Sounds like it's getting more sun and less humidity. Try moving into a shadier area and gradually moving it out into full sun.

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