Mullberry Tree Care

BlueMoonTooApril 21, 2005

A couple of teenagers came to the door with their Dad to ask for sponsorship for a "Walk" -- lucky me! I was given an Eye of God which I hung on the door and a young Mullberry tree in a can.

What sort of care should I be giving it here in Hawaii? I was told it will get citrus tree size so I assume it needs a bit of room. There is plenty of room in the back garden where I already have avocado, mango, guava, orange, tangerine, star fruit, lichee, dwarf Myer lemon, and dwarf Tahitian lime.

Any pointers in care or picking fruit or suggestions of what to do with the fruit besides eating it when ripe would be welcome.

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Best to lay sheets under the tree with its ripening fruits. Then shake the tree. The ripest will fall.
Make as much jam as you can! It's considered medicinal in the Orient. Sell Sell!
They also use the leaves to treat colds.

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