Anyone grow Asaragus with any luck?

Love4Gardening(11 HI)April 28, 2009

I just bought some Mary Washington Asparagus seeds (aina Ola Brand) from the Hamakua Seed and Supply Co. I was getting ready to plant these after soaking them overnight and were wondering if there were any local folk out there who are successfully growing asparagus. Please Share:) Mahalo, Corie

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Love4Gardening(11 HI)

Sorry spelt Asparagus wrong in post.

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i just planted about 20 crowns of Purple Passion asparagus and hope to make my first harvest next year although a friend of mine says the commercial growers take first harvest in 6 months. From seed you're looking at about two years to harvest. The good news is that you can get several harvests a year from your patch since asparagus doesn't go dormant in Hawaii.

From what i gather asparagus doesn't like acid soil so you may need to lime. Also appreciates fertile soil high in phosphorus. Since asparagus is a perennial this means you'll need to prepare the final bed well and apply the phosphorus right at the root zone.

CTAHR has a great little pub for the home grower-i'll link you to it.

i'd love to hear how it goes for you!

Here is a link that might be useful: What you'll need to know

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I planted 5 asparagus from a friend here in Kailua Kona, BI, about a month ago. Four are doing well; one died...I think it didn't have enough root structure to make it. I've ordered 20 more...hoping for more success!

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Love4Gardening(11 HI)

I have planted the seeds but none have sprouted yet. I'll keep you all posted.

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you bought fresh, local seeds~shouldn't take long before you have sprouts!

where are you getting your crowns from Celeste?

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I tried with 15 starting pots and 12 came up. I am replanting them today in a 4/4 raised plot on Kauai- we'll see. The starts look healthy.

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I'm in Hilo and am starting my asparagus from seed. The key to success is soil prep! I make raised beds that are filled with peat moss ($$$$$$$ bug bucks but worth it!, red soil from my garden, horse manure and compost from my banana trees. I know it's tough but all the rocks have got to go. Take your time and do it right because if done correctly you will have asparagus for 15+ years!!!! Just a side raised beds are made log cabin style from banana trees minus the roots balls of course, I reinforce the walls with rock as the trees rot into the soil. A great steady source of nitrogen for a long time!

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Paradise Bob we are looking for some asparagus crowns here in Kauai. Where did you get yours? We are in Waimea.

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I have a bunch of two-year-old asparagus crowns raised from seed in 4" pots on benches, and a few on 'a'a lava ground, in Keauhou Mauka, Kailua-Kona, Big Island. This is the Atlas F1 variety that's been tested as most productive in the Islands. These are mixed male and female plants that will produce seed; offspring will not remain true. If you want to cull female plants, order 200-210 percent of the number you plan to end up with (a good idea to avoid an ongoing, seriously colonizing asparagus weed forest around your patch and farther afield spread by birds). Grow these in 6" pots and watch for berries to ID females for culling while building & seasoning your permanent bed. Plan on no harvest during the first year after transplanting to your permanent bed. My plants are doing well in a well-drained, 2.5' deep, high organic matter, triple super phosphate supplemented bed. The plants stopped growing last fall and looked awful in the drought, so I cut all the tops off. They were dormant until March, then sent up new shoots. I'll remove the tops, wash media from roots, pack in shredded, damp newspaper, and ship to you via USPS priority mail. $24 for 10, plus estimated $10 shipping to be confirmed upon your order.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

we've got a lot of asparagus plants (Mary Washington), but they're overrun with weeds. Not a good choice for lazy gardeners!

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I usually mulch heavily with mine, no problem with weeds. I got my starter single plant from a 4 inches pot more than couple years ago, it's one of those impulsive buy again and I planted in an area where I thought was rich in organic matter--the soil was poor but drain well. It's growing and does survive in neglect, I hardly water it and rarely give any fertilizer at all, just mulch--but it slowly spread. I don't get any produce from this plant, I can harvest it but it's not substantial--the spear is skinny and not worth harvesting. I just let it grow and let the crown spread, and then plan to transplant it someday.

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randg, it appears your asparagus plant needs more nutrition. My plants in their second year in the ground (3rd year total) are putting up initial stalks around 1/2" in diameter. After I pick a few this time, I'm letting the rest grow out fully to strengthen the plant for a fine harvest next year. Skinny spears are a sign of young age (not enough root structure) or poor fertility. Your description suggests the latter. Give your asparagus plant some food every 3 or 4 months and you'll be pleasantly surprised next spring/summer, I think.

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ItâÂÂs been awhile since anyone posted any follow-up on how his or her asparagus growing effort is doing. I would really appreciate any new or updated information on growing asparagus in Hawaii. Be great if you can provide info related to: type or variety of asparagus (hybrid/standard, Washington, Jersey, or other specific types), cultivation of seeds or crowns (number planted, where purchased, why on choice), soil or bedding preparation (compost, fertilizers, any amendments used, etc.), lessons learned, harvesting techniques, yield, etc.

FYI, I posted a new blog on the forum (GW Hawaii Gardening) entitled "Growing Asparagus in Hawaii". Below provides the link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Forum: Hawaii Gardening-Growing Asparagus in Hawaii

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