Hibiscus needs Help!

alibraunMarch 24, 2009

I have a Hibiscus potted indoors (from MB, Canada...outdoors not an option for a couple more months!). It's leaves are getting tiny little yellow spots before the tip turns brown & then the leaf turns yellow! Any ideas?? I have used Safers Soap & tried showering it in warm water every couple weeks...nothing is helping yet. Is there something I can water it with that would take care of any systemic problems?? Any advice woudl be appreciated!! Thanks!!

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brianmkerr(S/CoastQLD Aust)

Hi Alibraun, Your hibiscus is under stress, with most likely cause being lack of sunlight and fresh air and the air in house being dry. I don't grow hibiscus indoors, but do know what makes them survive and thrive and indoors would require a duplication somewhat like outside conditions or changes to cultural methods to allow the plant to cope with so very not normal conditions. Other possibilities are likely as well, but it is difficult to exactly ID a problem without me asking many questions and wanting photos to verify suspicions. Perhaps it is a combination of what I have suggested and other factors, say spider mite, sour soil, overwatering, but again I am guessing. If I was a betting person, I'd go with initial suggestions.
Try the link below and see if any of the information is helpful.


Another link is:

Good luck, Brian Kerr.

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Thanks Brian! It does seem to be a little happier since I showered it a few days ago. It has been a very long winter here...waiting to be able to put it outdoors for the summer!

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