native tree

HumidApril 14, 2005

i have a tree in my front yard that is 60 feet tall

and was told its rare and native to Hawaii.

Does anyone have photos I could refernce to.

i would like to know this plants name.

sorry digital camera broke so no pics.

thanks again

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Cyanea(z11 HI)

go to (from the link below). The native plant image library is quite amazing. The images are sorted alphabetically by class and genra. Here are some native tree genera that may grow to 60 feet (though not all are rare, some may grow up to 30 feet, also i dont know how valid the information you were told is): Sapindus, Acacia, Myrsine, Pouteria, Tetraplasandra, Munroidendron, Metrosideros, Pteralyxia, Diospyros, Pisonia, Santalum, Zanthoxylum. You can try searching these genre on UHM's site, just to help you out. im curious to know what your tree is. of course the best thing to do would be to have a picture, but oh well. Anyway.. aloha ..


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Please let us know what you have!
p.s. we're drooling with anticipation

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so far I've gotten a couple of responses saying it'a a kapok

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