Can this plant be saved?

baimas(7)March 30, 2013

I bought my first potted hibiscus last year. It thrived and flowered beautifully all summer. I brought it indoors to an unheated sunroom for winter. It looked like the picture most of winter. I wasn't sure if shedding leaves was normal given the suboptimal conditions. I put it out on the deck today and I need advice about what to do to make it healthy again.


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That looks very bad.. The first thing to remember about hibiscus winter care is that hibiscus in the winter will need less water than it does in the summer. While watering is essential to your year round care for hibiscus, in the winter, you should only water the plant when the soil is dry to the touch.

If you water more than this, you may damage the roots. This will cause a significant number of yellow leaves on your hibiscus.

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Thank you for your reply. The reason why I am puzzled is that I barely watered the plant during winter. The soil was moist and I Ieft it alone. I am wondering if there was too much moisture in the soil to begin with when I brought it in. The part of the stem closest to the soil looks green under the bark which gives me hope but I am not sure. Any pointers would be really appreciated.


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I would do a major trim on it, and hope for the best. Good Luck, but I had a Ficus that I found in a dumpster at our apt complex, When I pinched the stem it was green, I did a major cut back to only a few stems left, It flourished into the most beautiful plant. All my neighbors thought I was crazy, because they all thought it was a But now it is gorgeous, over 6' tall and I have to keep trimming it back. Good luck with the hibiscus.

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Did you bring it inside before/ after the first frost? i am not familiar with conditions in your zone, but if it is hit by frost, it is very tricky to bring it back.
Trim it , if you find green stems, then it is worth saving, if it it dry and brown, it is gone. keep trimming till green is seen.
Watch your watering, and introduce it slowly to the sun & warmth and hope it shows new growth. Keep us posted.
Good luck.

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