Thunderstorms-Tornado Watches and pics for Thursday

Julia NY(6)July 26, 2012

What a day. Woke to thunderstorm passing through and then by daybreak, things quieted down but goodness it was humid. Warnings went up for possibility of severe weather coming in the afternoon. Then watches were up for possibility of tornado. Sure enough by mid afternoon thunderstorms came through but not high winds which did hit south of us. We heard on the Rochester news that a tornado did touch down in the Elmira - Horseheads area causing quite a bit of damage. The local news station in Elmira was out due to the storm. Hopefully David(Bedmaker) who posts here on the forum and family are okay as I know he lives in that area. More storms to come over the next couple days. Seems like we will be in this weather pattern for a few days.

Now on to the blooms.

GEORGIA BLUSH - has had about 5 openings all less than stellar. This morning two were open but what a color difference as the blooms really darkened. This is exactly how they look. No camera distoration.

CAPACITY FOR WONDER - also has been blooming with less than stellar openings. Very small blooms this year.

CONCRETE BLONDE - I believe this is the last bud to open.

PEARL HARBOR - still going

SUMMERTIME IDYLL - started yesterday but today, she graced me with several. Smaller blooms on these than the first one.

SCIENCE OF MIND - almost finished.

SOVEREIGN QUEEN - very difficult this year. Was not opening all the way but today, I thought the bloom looked so peculiar.

TRULY ANGELIC - started a few days ago but didn't upload till today. Okay blooms but not terrific this year.

SOMBRERO WAY - still going.

ST HELENA YOUTH - just keeps going

SELF DETERMINATION - best of the ones that have bloomed so far

SUBURBAN POMPADOUR - I nearly missed this one blooming. Not sure what I think of it yet.

LAVENDER BLUE BABY - yesterdays pic. Nearly done

That is it that was photo worthy to post today. Time to read the posts and get caught up.


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Thanks for your concern Julia. We are fine. Just a lot of rain and lightning. Southeast of us in Elmira got hit pretty hard.


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As always, you give the whole picture of performance. Of course, this year we hope is not typical. Pearl Harbor seems to be reliable in any year, though blooms were certainly fewer here this year. Truly Angelic looks good here.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Those violet storms passing thru this entire area are scarry. Hopefully nothing horrid will happen. Daylilies all look great with the yellows looking best of all to me, especially CONCRETE BLONDE.

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Very glad you and Davis are alright, Julia. So many pretty one still blooming! St Helena Youth is really pretty, and Concrete Blond is always a striking one. Georgia Blush is my pick today.

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Glad to hear nothing bad happened--hope all forum friends are okay. Thanks for all the info and pictures. My favorites are St. Helena Youth and lavender Blue Baby. Avedon

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mizellie(z7 Al)

I hope you are safe there. I am terrified of storms but love the rain and walk in it when it's not to heavy. My favorite is Summertime Idyll but I am very fond of Lavender Blue Baby. I have the Tet conversion and really like it! Ellie

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Julia NY(6)

David: Glad to hear your all okay.
Thanks everyone. I hate it when the watches and warnings go up. You just never know if it will or won't happen.

I'm wondering what August will bring. Snow? LOL.


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LOVE the color on Georgia Blush. Capacity for Wonder performed about the same for me here -- nothing special, small blooms. It looks like your Pearl Harbor is blooming on the same odd schedule as mine. Lavender Blue Baby is probably my pick of the group.

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shive(6b TN)

Julia and David - Be careful as more storms pass through your area. My favorite photos on this post are St Helena Youth and Summertime Idyll.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I was watching about the storms passing through up there on the weather channel today and was hoping you all would be ok, they showed trees down on houses and thousands are without power in NY.I would love some of the rain, but without the storms.Julia, all the daylilies are gorgeous, and I love the olavender one and the reds, but all are just beautiful.


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Julia NY(6)

Chris: I have two plantings of Pearl Harbor. The larger clump seems to have dwindled in buds this year while the other which was moved and replanted last fall seems to be continually going. Very odd.

I'm still waiting for ROUEN CATHEDRAL to bloom which was planted last fall. Lots of scapes and buds on it. Registered as a late so I guess it is on schedule. And RAMBUNCTIOUS ROSIE has 3 scapes coming up instead of just 1 I spotted the other day. Not listed as a rebloomer so I guess the odd weather here is put some new plants in overdrive.

No watches or warnings today so far and it has cooled off. Been raining on and off which we need the rain so no complaints from me.


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Hey, Julia, guess who will be getting Rambunctious Rosie this fall? I am really happy to hear how well it is doing for you, and hope it will be the same in Texas. Avedon

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Julia NY(6)

Avedon: I love the bloom on RR. So far so good with it here but then again, it is a newbie this spring. It has to get through our winter here.


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OH, what a glorious picture!! If we get blooms like this, I will be in daylily heaven. By the way, I may have told you in another post that I also ordered IN HER PINK HIGH HEELS and MR.BUTTERS. I wish I could have gotten more, but have to watch the budget, maybe in spring I can get at least one more. Avedon

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Julia NY(6)

MR BUTTERS is one I've admired and IN MY PINK HIGH HEELS is another which has that great watermark. Good choices.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

OH, very steamy humid here on Long Island. Has not cooled off at all. We did get more rain last night but just normal rain. Thankfully no bad weather.

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