Hawaii tree fern root system

HawilaskanApril 22, 2014

Hello'ha friends,

My mother has recently returned from a trip visiting our old home of Hawaii. One of the plants she brought with her was the base of a Cibotium chamissoi "Hawaii tree fern" (Hapu'u) for my 6 year old son. After gathering supplies to make a special "pot" for it, I realized that I knew little of this fern that once was nothing more to me than a weed I had to constantly fight for yard space.

On to the question at hand: Does the Hawaii tree fern have a deeper root system, or a wider one? Does it naturally ball up or spread out? And the main question, If I make a 2 1/2ft deep 4ft x 4ft wide box to keep it in, will it grow near to wild size?

Thank you much!

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Hapuu has wide shallow root systems. The 2.5x4x4 box is good, but the fern will not get as big as it can if it was planted in the ground. Keep it moisted, but with good drainage, use mulch to fertilize it.

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