Nearing Peak on Friday

maximus7116(MI)July 11, 2014

Walking through the gardens today there is so much blooming and I realized I'm probably nearing peak bloom. Here's the cream of the crop for today:

JULIANNA LYNN (with Mary Todd in the background). JL isn't the strongest performer here, but I love the pristine pink and white bloom and can't bear to part with it.

STOP YOUR SOBBING, a Hanson you don't see very often, that's planted in part-shade:


HELAMAN, an oldie taken before the sun came up this morning:

TWO SUES is a blooming machine in full sunlight:

WILD CHERRY WINE. It's finally blooming, all you Southerners!

GOLDEN SCROLL, another reliable oldie:

LOUNGE LIZARD, which I thought I'd moved to a better spot, still blooms in the shade:



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Really, peak? You're usually at least a week behind here, and normally we would be at peak now, but it's hard to tell with all the nonperformers this year. Julianna Lynn is a quite small bloom here; don't know if it will get larger. Two Sues is my fave since WCW gets so many kudos.

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I'm really beginning to understand some of the fascination with the reliable oldies. There are some that perform and produce reliably year after year....and you say to yourself, why upgrade. (Love your pic of Golden Scroll)....will look into that one. Most of my best pink seedlings are coming from Salter's (Pink Lemonade Party).....not new by any stretch, but seems to throw that bright saturated pink color to anything you put it to. Will be in my garden forever. All your dl pics look great.


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Mantis, it's a strange season here. I have some daylilies blooming way earlier than normal and quite a few that have yet to debut.

Thanks, Linda. I buy a few intros each year (usually Hansons) and think I'll get rid of a few oldies, but it's really hard to part with them when they outperform many of the newer daylilies. Golden Scroll has always done well here. I've always loved the color of Pink Lemonade Party, so I can understand why you use that one so extensively.

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sherrygirl zone5

All gorgeous! Love the edge on Lounge Lizard. Havent seen that variety before.

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Really nice daylilies! J. Lynn is lovely! I also love Helaman and Sacco & Vanzetti (sounds like a brand name :)
I was looking at my daylilies today and thought the same - looks like peak. Wow seems like they have just started..

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

WOW! you really have some very pretty ones blooming. love COGNIZANT DISSONANT: its really pretty,
WILD CHERRY WINE is my favorite of these, but, I really like SACCO AND VANZETTI too. I had not seen that one before. its really pretty.


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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Nice group! I like Helaman and Lounge Lizard the best, Lounge Lizard is always a favorite here, so unique.

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Julia NY(6)

We are no where near peak but some dls are almost bloomed out already and others haven't even started. The temps are up and then down (50's at night). Humidity and storms moving back in tomorrow. :-(

You always have a great group of Hansons. He does send nice plants.


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Gorgeous pictures as always, just a comment on Julianne Lynn, This is its third season here, and it has really come on after nearly dying. In fact, we still have some blooms to go. It started blooming June 2, so we are really pleased with the performance of it this year, and hope it gets better as time goes by. Love Two Sues, lost our plant to a mole, would like to get another one. Cognizant Dissonance and Sacco and Vanzetti are looking really good. Avedon

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Wild cherry Wine is a beauty! I love every Bennett I have seen, and they seem to do well everywhere. He is certainly a Northern grower.
I wouldn't part with Juliana Lynn either, much too pretty.
Sacco and Vanzetti is gorgeous. Heleman is beautiful. Mine did not bloom at all this strange year. I'm glad you posted it because it is a soft lovely bloom, and one I really like. In fact, it is my pick of yours today.

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Thanks, everyone. Helaman is planted in too much shade so I'll take whatever blooms I get, and this year has been terrific.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I grow a ton of Hansons (200+) and love every one of them. They're the super-performers in the garden.

Avedon, I'll heed your advice regarding JL because I love the bloom. Two Sues is such a workhorse here so I hope you replace yours. It's not the fanciest bloom but is such an intriguing color combination, and is so prolific.

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shive(6b TN)

I'm finding your older daylilies are my favorites today. Cognizant Dissonant is such a lovely lavender that is showing a bit of applique today. Lounge Lizard is quite a pristine purple and that white edge really makes it pop. Golden Scroll always makes a bright splash in your garden, and that clump of Two Sues is an attention getter too. It looks like Sacco and Vanzettie is doing some mild pinching. Be sure to show any subsequent photos of extreme pleating on that one. Do you really have more than 200 Hansons now? If so, we need to see a lot more photographs. LOL!


This post was edited by shive on Sun, Jul 13, 14 at 16:15

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Thanks, Debra -- If I'm posting pics of daylilies, I'll have no choice but to show more Hansons! Lounge Lizard actually has a gold wire edge that looks white in the photo. It's the only daylily I have with that edge. None of my daylilies have shown extreme pleating/pinching yet, which might be attributable to the very cool nights we've had so far this year.

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