giving tropical hib. a growth boost with fertilizer? What kind?

DgreenRMarch 31, 2005

Hi All,

I have a tropical hibiscus in my house and it still needs some more trimming. I trimmed some branches but I'm probably going to do some more. I noticed it isn;t getting much new growth yet and I was wondering what fertilizer to use. I want to get it to put out some new branches so that it will flower for a large part of the summer. What kind of fertilizer should I use? Are there any readily available fertilizer brands that would work especially well? I guess anything with a high nitrogen level?



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Dr, I get a special blend Hibiscus fertilizer..been using for many years and it's really great.
Go to Click on fertilizers on left side of screen.
Go to page 2 and scroll almost halfway down page.
There's two sizes..3lbs for 9.95 or 3 buckets of 3lbs for 19.95...It comes in a bucket, plastic bag and measuring spoon. I love this food..You apply according to pot size. It last for 3 months, but I use 1/3 and feed monthly. Toni

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Down here in Florida, we use 2-10-10 granular to fertilize our hibiscus. It keeps them blooming, but doesn't let them grow too wild.

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