JoeV(h2)April 20, 2006

We recently purhcased a scriptum variety and it has just passed its blooming cycle. It has 4 large pseudobulbs and is filling about 3/4 of a standard black deep nursery 8 inch pot. We are on the ocean and have everything from shade to almost full sun. I can find lots of info about conditions but not much on potting needs. My temptation is to put up into a much larger (16") wooden half-barrel using lava rock and putting it where it gets max water. Or should I leave it alone in its current pot until the roots start coming out of the pot?


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johndp8888(Oahu, Hawaii)

I do not raise this particular orchid but this web site indicates that a rich cimbidium media is about right for this orchid.

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Love4Gardening(11 HI)

I have this variety however mine is not as large as yours. My experience with almost all my orchids are that they bloom more frequently when they are a little tight in the pot. This type although the leaves are more soft and pliable can grow in full sun. I have mine in a bark mix in full sun. I think lava rock would be fine as a growing medium as well. I think if you pot it up in too large of a pot, the plant tends to put a lot of it's energy into filling the pot with more root growth which can delay blooming. Hope this helps a little. Aloha

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