HELP! My hibiscus tree is dropping tons of leaves everyday!!!

ostrich(3a AB)March 18, 2005

PLEASE HELP! My hibiscus tree is dropping tons of leaves every single day! I bought this yellow hibiscus tree last summer from a local nursery. It has been doing very well up until this point and it is placed next to a south facing window with lots of natural light. Lots of flower buds started to appear last month, and a couple of weeks ago, it started to drop leaves like crazy! The leaves would turn yellow and then drop. I cannot find any insects or pest at all. I water the plant regularly and it's not under/over watered. So what could be the problem here? Could all the many flower buds be taking away too much nutrients from the leaves? I am a newbie at this so I would really appreciate your help! Thanks in advance!

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flowerbrackob(z4 WI)

If your is an indoor potted tree; I wouldn't worry. Mine does it twice a year, after it's finished blooming. It's alarming but natura, at least here. I water only evry 3 day or so.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Thanks, flowerbrackob! Yes, mine is a tropical yellow hibiscus tree with double flowers and it's in a pot inside my house. I really appreciate your insight - so does yours just lose part of or all of its leaves, before they come back out again? Also, how long does it take for the leaves to come back out? Thanks again!

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

Hibiscus leaves last about 8 months, then die. Yours is probably getting ready for spring and new leaf growth. All the leaves won't be lost - just the oldest ones. You should see new growth soon - within a week or 2.
It is a scary sight, but even mine to it this time of year and and they have buds on them.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Thanks, Barb!

The strange thing is, even the NEWEST leaves are turning yellow and dropping! At first, I thought it's just the oldest leaves, but even the small and young leaves are doing so. Isn't that strange? Or do all the leaves drop off anyway? Yes, it's very scary........

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i have a rosa-sinensis hibiscus and it usually stays inside in the winter and take it on the porch when it gets warm. well i took it out a few weeks ago and a few days later i noticed that the leaves started to dramatically fall off so i thought it might still be to cold at night so i took it back inside and no change what is happening?? the stems are also turning brown and its getting worse.

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I too, have a rosa-sineusis 'Brilliant' that started to lose the leaves a few weeks ago. It has been indoors all winter. I started taking it out in the day when its warm, and it seems thats when all the leaves dried up and dropped. Poor thing looks so bad. Dont know what is wrong with it,I dont see any bugs or spider mites.

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I, too, am having a problem with my hardy hibiscus. They came up on time(after I cut off the dead from the winter) and grew up really fast. But now they have buds and are starting to drop leaves. They didn't do that last year. I was wondering if they might have a virus? I fed them Osmocote in late April/early May. Should I boost them with Miracle Grow now? Maybe the budding is starving them? They're in pots on my deck and they are HUGE!

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I had the same problem all through the summer blooming time. It just dropped leaves like crazy. When it stopped blooming in September the leaves stopped falling. These postings have given me some hope. Thanks.

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marial1214(Z 6 PA)

It may be hard to see but my hibiscus is blooming only at the top for months now as a squirrel ate all the leaves this past summer. I am wondering if the leaves will return by itself or must I prune?

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I posted some info at the end of the Sad Droopy leaves thread recently that might be relevant.
Personally, I wouldn't prune at this time.


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