Want to move Texas Star Hibiscus

Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)March 30, 2011

I have two large clumps of red Texas Star that I would like to dig up, separate and replant elsewhere. I would also like to pot up some of the segments to share with others. They are still not showing any new growth above the ground. Is there anything special I need to know to accomplish this move?

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

not really anything special. hibiscust are usually a bit late to emerge anyway.

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princealbert(Aransas Pass TX)

Go ahead and dig em up,split, and move. They should be ok.
My hardies are just starting to come out down here in Texas.
Water them in good and put fertilizer in the hole, they should be fine.

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princealbert(Aransas Pass TX)

Hey Ralph.
Did you make the move and split it?
if so did it work out for you?
my hardies are freom 6" to 3 ' now.
Let us know.

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