Hibiscus breeding question

gardeniarose(z10FLA)March 3, 2006

I posted this question to the "Hybridizing" forum as well. I am trying (just for fun) a few crosses of different varieties (cultivars?) of H. rosa-sinensis. How long do I have to keep the female parent flower covered in plastic and out of the sun after applying the pollen? I tried finding this information on the web without success. Thank you in advance.

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minibim(FL z10)

I don't think either is really necessary, but they wouldn't hurt anything.

You are best to do your pollinating early in the morning anyway. Also once we start to get above 80 plus degrees, pollination is difficult anyway.

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Thanks minibim,
I'd read that you need to keep the stigma pads moist until the pollen grain forms a tube down to the ovary. But I didn't know how long that took. It is true that cool, damp weather is ideal for pollination but I just thought I'd give it a shot for fun. I think one of my crosses may have worked because the ovary (calyx?) looks puffy, while the others do not. Only time will tell. Thanks!

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