Leaf Spots

kippwMarch 13, 2007

What an excellent web site! We need some help please. This plant has had almost daily flowers and gets tons of sunlight (two 10x13' windows) It is winter here and we've noticed lately the plant not looking 'healthy'. Seems excessive leaf dropping (5 to six leaves a day). They discolor, spot, curl and then drop. The plant has been in same spot for few years, with a slight rotation every 2 months (turn so other side gets the window). The spots do not wipe off (non-fungus?)

The plant is watered twice a week (wed/sun) 2 litres each time.

The planter is 16" across and 29" deep (its open to the base)

It was fertilized in September with a slow release pellet (Miracle Gro)

Pruning happens whenever it looks like its getting leggy (to keep shape)

no spider mites or other insect visible.

Appreciate any help as we love this plant and are worried



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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Can you post a photo?

Beyond that, perhaps the watering is the problem.

You wrote: "The plant is watered twice a week (wed/sun) 2 litres each time. The planter is 16" across and 29" deep."

Several things to think about and/or check:
1. Does the water rush out almost as soon as you pour it on?
If so, the potting mix has dried too much and pulled away from the pot. Thus, the potting mix and roots are dry.
RX: soak in tub of water 20 minutes max.
2. Is 2 liters twice a week too much?
If so, the potting mix will always be moist to wet.
3. Is 2 liters of water too little?
If so, the roots are dry.

To determine whether or not to water:
1. Ignore the calendar.
2. Instead, use one of several tests to determine when to water.
a. tilt the pot. Is it light weight (dry) or heavy (moist to wet)?
b. Stick a finger into the surface of the potting mix.
If the surface is dry, probably too little water, and/or too infrequnet.
If the potting mix is dry to a depth of an inch or so, water.
If the surface is still moist or wet, wait.

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