Some of what's blooming this Sunday

nat4b(4)July 13, 2014

Chris Salter

Strutter's Ball - looked so pretty today

Yellow Titan

Shores of Time FFO

I had several poly flowers today, including one on Yesterday's Secrets. Funny that this was the only flower of several on YS that was actually open fully

orange noid - something broke most of the buds on one of its scapes..

I moved Quiet Reflections last fall and looks like it likes its new place

Loaves and Fishes

Gather at the River - opened well and looking good today

Moon Over Monteray

Custard Candy

Barbara Mitchell

I have so many flies on my daylilies. Don't know what's going on. Previous years they were mainly there when the true lilies would start. And now they are everywhere, lots of pics with a fly photobombing, ugh.. Why can't it be pretty butterflies or dragonflies lol

Thanks for looking!

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shive(6b TN)

Every one of them is terrific. I think my favorites are Shores of Time and Yesterday's Secrets. But those purples really grab me too! Quiet Reflections does seem fond of its new spot.


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Thanks Debra! I added Shores of Time because of your pics :)
I thought Quiet Reflections had a pretty good spot but it looked too similar to the one next to it (Undercurrent). They are nothing alike but it just seemed so when looking at them together. It had a lot of poor openings there and now I am surprised to see it opens almost all flowers well (knock on wood ;))

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

oh my you have some beauties today.Love that STRUTTERS BALL. I had that one for a little while,it didn't make it through the first winter.Dormants don't do that well here, planted. They seem to do ok in a pot.
Quiet Reflections is a beauty, too. and I also like Gather at the River , too. and Barbara Mitchell. I been going to get that one for a long time, but,so far, haven't gotten it yet.


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Moon over Monterey has appealing texture. What do you call that--creping? Loaves and Fishes is nice, but it doesn't look as though the bud count this year is impressive.

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Julia NY(6)

Nice group. Gather at the River is very pretty. Loaves and Fishes reminds me of Intelligent Design. Must be something in the parentage.

Did you fertilize with something this year that is attracting the flies or bring in new soil?


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Great group of photos for Sunday with lots of nice purples, and Yellow Titan is a wowser. We've been overrun with flies this year, too. It makes the tour of the garden less enjoyable, doesn't it?


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They all look great, but my favorites are SOT, GATR. Barbara Mitchell is a wowser. I thought that one might be a diploid and checked it out in the database. I don't have many diploids here in the garden, but that may change soon. Many of them seem to have large, elegant looking blooms.


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Maryl zone 7a

Lavender is one of my least favorite colors in daylilies, but I must admit that Loaves and Fishes sure catches my eye. I also like Chris Salter and Shores of Time......Maryl

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Shores of Time has struggled here ever since I got it. I recently read on another forum that I am not the only one who has had problems with it.

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Very nice group! Yellow Titan and Quiet Reflections are my favorites.

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Thanks everybody!

Mantis, probably it's creping. Not my favorite thing but doesn't look bad on MOM. Shores of Time has a low budcount here but it can open its flowers and even reblooms a little, plus it's such a pretty shade of pink.
Julia, fertilized with the usual stuff (Micracle Gro), no new soil.
Oh Chris you have flies too :( Maybe it's a 'north thing'..
Linda, Barbara Mitchell is a diploid. Supposed to be short, but mine is taller, and opens its flowers well.

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