I wonder what I did wrong?

joefalco(z8 MB SC)March 30, 2005

I planted some Disco Bell hibiscus inside in a plastic cup in miracle grow seed starting mix. The plant sprouted and everything looked good for a long time.

The planted got about 8" tall and I could see alot of roots through the clear plastic cup. All of a sudden one day the leaves drooped down and the fell off. The thing looks completely dead. I planted to a larger pot and put it outside but I think it's gone.

Did I wait to long to transplant? I ask this since I have also planted some other hibiscus in an outside cold frame they are about 2" tall now and look healthy, Should I plant them in the ground soon or wait? I can't remember what type of hibiscus seeds these were but I have about 10 plants growing.

Any help or advice is appreciated.

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Joe, I sowed my first Disco Belle seed in 1991. I grew in a 4" pot, in a south window until planting season..Ours is May 15th. I hope your plant lives, cause the flowers are fantastic..10-12"+ diameter..Huge red flowers.
Is there a chance you overwatered? Toni

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