looking for papaya seeds from Kauai (non-GMO)

jbclem(z9b Topanga, Ca)May 4, 2009

I'm making this request because it is almost impossible to buy Hawaiian papaya seeds from the U. of Hawaii and know if they are GMO (genetically modified) contaminated. I've read that Kauai has the least amount of contamination (only a trace, this compared to 50% on the Big Island, and 5% on Oahu...and this was reported 4 years ago!).

I'm especially looking for Waimanalo variety because it's low growing, but also Solo Sunset, Solo Sunrise, or any sweet papaya growing in your back yard.

It's hard to grow papaya where I live, but I grow bananas and every year try to keep my plumerias alive...and those green things you see in the markets here are called papayas, but they don't taste like papayas.

Hope this reaches some GMO aware ears...we really have to keep that stuff from spreading.


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Check out Aloha Seed. They have Waimanalo, Solo Sunset and Solo Sunrise. See what their GMO status is.

I've had good luck growing papaya plants from their seed BUT our long cool winters rob the sweetness from the fruit. The fruit looks great, but the flavor is BLAND.

I'm growing a cultivar right now called Florida Jack. Its supposed to produce sweet fruit even here in CA.

Here is a link that might be useful: alohaseed

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jbclem(z9b Topanga, Ca)

I've never heard of Florida Jack. Where did you get the seeds for it, I'd like to try some. I've spoken with Aloha Seed, a year ago, and I don't think they would know unless they tested the seed...but I should give them a call again. The reason I picked Kauai was as I mentioned, at the time of the reporting there was very little GMO found in the papaya growing there. And I've also read recently that they have testing available (i think it was free) for anyone who wants it.

Where are you located, with a zone 10 but long cool winters? BTW, in the past I've read that humidity was the key to the sweetness. I have long hot summers here and I would just keep the plants indoors (near a window with afternoon sunlight) during the winter...although I've had good luck with frost protection cloth. But papayas, like plumerias, are so easy to kill.

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Aloha jbclem,

Jeri de Pietro and the anti GMO group here on Kauai can definitely help you out. Google and contact them ! They have been having seed trade/giveaways that feature a lot of GMO free seeds. I've been to a couple and they are great presentations. In fact there was recently a banana one which i found very informative ! She said they will come test my papayas (solo sunrise) for me free - she was gonna drop off a test kit or something but she's busy and probably forgot. I'm sure one of the group can provide you clean seeds. Sorry i don't have the name right now but a google would get you there !

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