New to hibisicus......Need Help Please

flowercrazy44(z4-5 ONT)March 20, 2005

This is my first year growing hibiscus as I am growing them from seed but i just read that you can use cuttings off of them. I have a plant that hubby bought a year ago and just wondering if I can get cuttings from that. The leaves are almost off of it but it is having new leaves on the branches. When is the best time to cut them back? Also how do you go about getting the cuttings from it and where would you cut it? Also how would you root it does it need water to root or can it just be placed in a pot of soil and watered good. Sorry for so many questions but if I don't ask than I'll never learn.

Thank you so much


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Hi Pat..Hibs can be rooted from stem cuttings, but it may be a bit of a challenge..
As for the parent plant, there shouldn't be any need to cut back..Soon plant can go out, or placed in bright/direct sun and new leaves will sprout.
Take a 3-4" cutting from the tips. Some ppl use Root-tone for prevention of rot. Place in either seedling soil or mix your own..peat/vermiuculite/soil..soak..Stick finger to make a hole, place cutting in hole, cover hole w/soil. Place in plastic bag in bright but no direct sun area. Keep warm..a heating cable will speed up rooting..Cut a little hole in bag for ventilation. Keep moist but not soggy. Rooting depends on heat/time of yr..You can add a lite dose fertilizer high in nitrogen will help. Good luck, Toni

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peatpod(Z5b Ontario)

Hi Pat. I have had hibs for years now .. I never tried to do any cuttings until this past fall. I thought hey why not give it a shot Ive got nothing to lose but a branch :o) Well I tell ya .. of 2 cuttings of a ROS one took and bloomed!! One cutting of my Red Hot took also. Now this was in the fall .. I really didnt think any of them would root but they did. I took a nice size cutting about 6" long and stuck it in some water until I saw little nubs growing .. then I stuck it in soil .. ta da. I am going to attempt more cuttings this spring with new growth and do it properly like Toni has discribed :o) I still dont know what kind of ROS it is but the bloom that I got from the cutting is beautiful check it out.

I will be trying a variety of rooting techniques .. my friend tells me to just take some new growth cuttings and stick them in beside the mother plant :o)

Good luck

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