5000 Aromatic Thyme seeds, help

californianApril 20, 2010

I tried planting Thyme before and nothing ever sprouted. So I decided to try one more time and ordered a pack of 5000 seeds. I sprinkled maybe a couple of hundred of them onto the surface of some potting soil I had a six 3.5 inch pots, thinking maybe a few would sprout. Instead almost all of them sprouted and I now have hundreds of tiny seedlings. What should I do now?

Should I just let them compete and let survival of the fittest take over, or try to separate them into individual plants, one per pot, or should Thyme be grown in clumps of several plants?

The variety I planted was Thymus pugeloides, Aromatic Thyme, and the ad said this was supposed to be the most fragrant thyme although I can't find much info on it. Anyone know anything about this variety. In the pictures the flowers looked the prettiest of the varieties that had pictures in the catalog.

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You should definitely thin it out. I think when they've first sprouted they are too delicate to transplant. Just start pulling them out. Leave maybe 10 seedlings, evenly spaced, in the pot until they get bigger and you can really see which ones are growing the best. Then you know, transplant or not as you choose.

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