growing grass on cinder

mermaidajmMay 29, 2007


We just moved to Kaumana City in Hilo. We've lived in a condo and never had a yard. The house we bought didnt have a finished yard and all we have is cinder/rocks. Is it possible to plant grass on top of it? I noticed centipede seed bags from Walmart was wondering if that would work? I am clueless in gardening and need advice.



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Centipede grass is probably the most common type you'll see in east Hawaii, I have it, and all my neighbors, grows well in cinder. Broadcast the seed, cover with a sprinkling of peat moss. There is a grass called seashore paspalum that is smooth and velvety, seldom ever needs mowing, but is slow to establish and I believe only available as plugs, not seed.

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Thanks Leilaniguy! I would like to check out seashore paspalum? Where can I find this in Hilo?

I have another question. My front yard has the same cinder but I noticed that it has this black plastic underneath. Can I plant grass on top of it or should i remove the plastic covering underneath first? Mahalo for your help.

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I recall there is a lot of it at Richardson Beach Park on Kalanianiole St. and I know it grows along the Red Rd. out at Opihikao. You might check at Garden exchange or Farmers exchange for starts. I don't know about growing over the plastic, sounds like it might be a hassle to remove.

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Mahalo for the information. I will go and check out those places. Removing the plastic under the gravel in a big front yard is a big problem. I was hoping I could just leave it.

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