Dwarf Lemon Problems

bnnroseMay 24, 2011

Hello, I purchased a young dwarf lemon in January. I potted it in a 7 gallon plastic pot with 2" of red cinder at the base and a mixture of my yard soil which I believe may be on the alkaline side and "Big R" red cinder soil conditioner and a cup of tropical fruit fertilizer. When I first got the tree, I would water it every other day, but I noticed some general yellowing of the leaves about a month later so I cut back on the water. The leaves were just turning yellow, including the veins, just an overall yellowing. When I stick my finger in the soil it is usually somewhat moist so now I water about once a week, when the lemon feels nearly completely dry. I gave it a mixture of coffee grinds and blood meal about a month ago. Over the past three days, the yellowing has greatly exacerbated and many leaves have turned yellow and dropped off, some are even brown which I have never noticed before. There are quite a few leaves in the yard. I am worried the tree may not make it! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Ouch, that sounds painful. I'm no expert on citrus trees but I know it isn't recommended to use garden soil in containers. Even if mixed with cinder it holds too much water and carries soilborn diseases. Don't give it any more fertilizer for a while and water it every three days or so. Have you checked for aphids or whiteflies? Sometimes their sucking causes leaves to yellow.

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Thank you for the reply. I noticed this morning some of the leaves looked a little better and I don't believe I lost any more but I sure did loose quite a bit! I will definitely try to water it more often. I know the roots are not rotting because I gave the lemon some coffee grinds and compost today and looked at some of the roots and they are light colored and seem to look fine. We will see if the tree bounces back hopefully.

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I posted some photos as well if that is at all helpful. Please see the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: sad lemon

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Can you tell if the roots are spreading out into the new soil?

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I haven't checked, how do I go about finding that out?

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