Is this a Hibiscus, R of S seedling?

mickiApril 12, 2012

Last Fall I collected many seeds and mislabeled these seeds which I have not been able to ID since. So far the closest ID offered has been a Hibiscus or R of Sharon. After doing a google image search for R of S and/or Hibiscus seedlings there is a noted resemblance. I did infact collect both of those seeds last yr. (This was my first yr. collecting the amount of seeds I did in addition to receiving tons of newbie seeds from the Winter sowing forum.)

When I sowed it I thought it was a grass seed and being like an annual I sowed them using a heating matt and lights. I've been taking it outside on warm days and leave it in my unheated greenhouse to harden off even on freezing nights with minimal harm to the foliage.

These seedlings were not stratified.

Here's a picture

Your help is grately appreciated,

Thank you in advance

PS I have posted this on "name that plant" as well but if it is in the Hibiscus family those of you propogating this plant will be able to ID the seedlings.


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sorry for the duplicates
Note the woodiness of the stem developing
Here's everything I have on this mystery plant.
As I said, I'm also inquiring at "name that plant" forum
Thank you in advance,

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They look like hibiscus.
Which ones are which only time will tell on that one.
Give them plenty of sun when they get old enough.
You will be able to tell the trop hibiscus from the ROS seedlings by the glossiness of the leaves.
Trop hibiscus has real glossy leaves, usually darker green than ROS.

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