confedarate rose

MickeyBean(9)April 24, 2013

I'm new to this site , my dad had a hibiscus that he called a confedarate rose. My wife loved them so much. Dad has sence passed away, are I would get some cuttings from him. Is there anyone here that I could get some cutting from? I live in Beaumont Tx. THANKS

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MickeyBean You can get all the cuttings you like they are very easy to start from cuttings. My first try was in water in the shade all summer long and they all had roots that looked like a rag mop they were so large. I have also pruned one of my plants and let them lay on the ground for a week then I tied them together to use as tomato trees. From those I still ended up with 3 that bloomed. I even enclosed a photo of one of them. Cuttings are by far the best way to go. The cost for shipping counting the tube and postage runs around eight dollars. They do get quite large as you already know. Also with warmer weather coming on it is almost to late to ship due to the cooking of the cutting in hot weather. Too bad you do not live closer but that is a long run from there to the west side of Houston.

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Hey Paul thanks for your reply on the confedarate rose your image of the rose looked like a bush, is it ? My dads grow down his fence like runners or a large vine I guess you could call it. Is yours like that. Or should I say will it grow like dads did, down a fence ?

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Sorry what you are looking for is a different plant all together. I did a quick web search and they do talk about a confederate rose vine Mallow hibiscus which I have never seen. This Confederate Rose Hibiscus I am growing can to to over 20 feet tall with a trunk 6 inches across.

Is it possible that you are looking for Confederate Jasmine vine?

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