Next canning project: Chicken Soup

psittacineMarch 25, 2013

Though I make homemade soups all the time, IâÂÂve never canned any. IâÂÂve never canned meat, except the bacon that went into baked beans. IâÂÂve taken 2 chickens out of the freezer to make the broth with tomorrow. Then IâÂÂll let it refrigerate overnight and remove the fat layer Wednesday and make/can the soup. There are a couple of things IâÂÂd like to know before I begin this task.

Is grilling the meat for extra flavor permitted when canning? Also, I read often about âÂÂsome spicesâ turning bitter when using for canning. Has anyone seen a list on the âÂÂnet of which to avoid or go easy on? As an example, I like cumin but I have found that my taste buds only like fractional amounts of it when I added some to a canned southwestern tomato recipe. A little would have been great but the amount called for in the recipe was just nasty. DonâÂÂt want to make that mistake again. One of the reasons I ask is because I always thought parsley in chicken soup was a standard, but none of the recipes IâÂÂve seen for canning it has had that ingredient.

Thanks, Crystal

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

I follow a "when in doubt, leave it out" motto. Fresh parsley can easily be added when you reheat soup to serve it.

I use herbs when I make my stock, but they are strained out before canning. It's leaving them in the jar that can result in stronger flavors.

You can certainly grill your chicken first assuming you're going to cook it off the bone and de-fat your broth anyway, it will add flavor without affecting the recipe in any negative way.


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Great! I'll grill the chickens a bit then put them in the stockpot for a couple of hours. Thanks Deanna.


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