Help ID'ing shrub?

JenniferinFL(9B Florida)June 24, 2012

Hopefully the photo shows up, I just joined the forum so not quite sure how to post a photo.

Long story short, just bought a house and most of the landscaping was dead, but, this one is lingering. It's under a roof overhang, so I would guess it's primary problem is not being watered or fertilized in years as the home was vacant for 5 years. I know that I should know what it is, it's familiar, but I can't think of what it is. I pulled a bunch of old dead canes(?) out of the center of it and unburied it as it had pine needles covering most of it.

So, first, any ideas what it is? Additionally, it's probably at least 30 years old as that's when the neighbor said that's when everything was planted. Any chance of it ever looking pretty again or should it dig it out and replace it? It's a partial shade location and I was thinking of putting a hydrangea there instead.

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JenniferinFL(9B Florida)

Here is a closer photo of the leaves if that will help.

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The leaves look similar to mature Loropetalum leaves. I see some burgundy on the edges and most Loropetalum leaves start out burgundy and age to green.


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