jewish pickes

stakeMarch 20, 2011


I am looking for a recipe for Jewish pickles...not the 'kosher dills'...a real jewish pickle.

I think these pickles are mostly regional to Philly and NYC and maybe Baltimore...

They aren't the ones found in the grocery stores, but the old fashioned corner deli. They used to be found in five gallon buckets. They are the bomb and if anyone has instructions, Id be grateful.



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readinglady(z8 OR)

Jewish pickles can cover a lot of different possibilities.

Do you mean half-sours? Any description of the pickle is helpful.


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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

Have you googled Jewish Pickles. It's worth doing just to read the articles even if you don't find your particular pickle.......I bet that you will though.

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google Attman's Deli, Lombard Street, Baltimore, Md print map and directions ... get in the car ... etc.....

Linda Ziedrich's Lower East Side Full Sour Dills (The Joy of Pickling)come pretty close for a small batch. But NOTHING touches the ones made by the barrel. And believe me I've tried for years ....

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Followed your instructions, this looks close (at least the picture)

Probably will give this a 'try'. And since I have friends in Baltimore, I may send them on a road trip. And yes those barrel pickles are the pickle by which all are judged (lol) To all, Thanks for the feedback.


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readinglady(z8 OR)

Whether you're using Ziedrich's recipe or another fermented pickle, be sure to use the freshest pickling cucumbers and pickling salt as directed.


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