Planting Windbreaks.

angrymoonMay 31, 2010

I've been frustrated lately about the 20-30 mph winds at my house. A couple weeks ago, we had gusts that were about 60 mph, and it literally sucked the moisture out of all of my plants. I need plant suggestions for a natural windbreak, and something that will grow fast in a couple months.

My dad hasn't been too big of help because he doesn't like certain types of plants and thinks a six-foot-tall fence is going to help. Plus, he wants something that is low maintenance.

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My house is super windy as well. Everything dries up like crazy!! it really helps to lay mulch around. I get it from the neighborhood gardens

look here: good luck ! :>

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Would Bougainvillea be an option? Acacia? Kunzia? Olearia? Melaleuca? Metrosideros - if you're right by the sea? Banksia? Cordyline, so long as it doesn't drop leaves Everywhere?

If you plant in a double row then it helps to break the wind and turbulence better. I'd go for shrubs and even grasses rather than trees. They don't fall so far in a high wind. :-)))

PS beware of anything that 'grows quickly'. It's usually a nightmare waiting to happen.

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How much space do you have? How much maintenance are you willing to do?

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Where do you live? How much rain do you get? 2 of the best are pigeon peas (short term) to be followed by madre de cacao Other permanent windbreak plants I can suggest; however, it depends on your rainfall/elevation. Let us know.

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