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polar_sean(5)April 1, 2011

Hi all, I've got a rosemary plant that I took out of the garden last fall and brought indoors. It's done very well through the winter, being very aromatic and flavorful when I've used it while cooking. However, last night I cut some off the plant to use with dinner and noticed that all the wonderful aroma, flavor and essential oils had disappeared in the last week or so. It used to be that I could just run my hand over it and come away smelling like rosemary. Do rosemary plants go through a cycle where they stop producing essential oils or what is going on here? I have been setting it outside on the warmer afternoons here in CO to get a little more sunlight. Maybe that is the cause? Thanks in advance for any help!

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pansyloverandgrower(Zone 8)

i dont really know, but i assume its just because your house is not rosemary's natural climate, but i think it will get better as soon when it is put outside later.

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Hello. my name is Isaiah. I am a 4th grader living in San Diego County, California.

As for the rosemary plant question, one of my neighbors, an old timer named Gordon, grows a 1 and 1/2 rosemary plant. It is grown in a container approximately 6 inches deep. It appears to be very healthy.

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Hello. my name is Isaiah. I am a 4th grader living in San Diego County, California.

I have a rosemary plant. It was purchased way back in September as a small plant. It has only grown from 2 to 4 inches tall. At one point it appeared to be dead. It is still alive, however, and it seems to be healthy.

As for the above post, that post was referring to another thread. Can I relocate it?

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This is my second winter with my rosemary and I don't think she's ever stopped giving off the fabulous scent. What kind of soil is yours in? Some herbs prefer bad soil - it stimulates oil production. If you fertilized lately that could be the cause.

I repotted mine last spring in miracle grow potting soil with the slow release food. That's the only food it's recieved all year. It went outside almost immediately, so if it lost scent I might not have noticed. It flowered when I brought it in for winter and has put out a lot of new growth. I may even need to pot it up again. Clearly the one time feeding didn't stop it a bit.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Felix16SanDieg, I live at the opposite end of the country so I can't grow rosemary all year long outside. But I'm sure you can in your zone. It will grow the best outside as opposed to indoors.

And since your plant is very small you can easily relocate the plant elsewhere. Just dig it up carefully - trying to be careful not to damage the roots. Locate it somewhere that drains well (no water stands there long when it rains) and that has sun all or most of the day. Water it in well after replanting.

I wish you the best luck with your rosemary! Gardening is something I started when I was young, around your age. And if it is possible, I love it a little more each year! :)


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loomis(Z6a Western MA)

Several years ago I purchased a prostrate variety of rosemary and brought it inside for the winter. I was under the impression that it would be a small miracle if it made it through the winter indoors.

Well, it did just fine and I've had it growing in a south window for several years. I don't dare bring it outdoors for fear it may pick up unwanted garden pests.

It seems to be as aromatic as ever, but the leaves are smaller than those on a plant grown outdoors.

This year I plan to purchase the upright kind and I will keep this one indoors growing in the same window and see what happens. I also plan to do the same with a few basil plants. I usually grow them outdoors and they do beautifully, but they don't do well when brought indoors; so I'm hoping that by growing a few additional plants indoors only may improve my odds.

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