Italian Cypress, Bug Attack!

Tropigal3May 5, 2014

We have a bunch of Italian Cypress that started getting dried several months back. After months of trying to figure out what was wrong, someone told me their own trees had Pacific Beetle roaches! Ugh! Then an arborist told me the same thing. They just suggested keeping the area free of dried up sprigs. So I took another step and decided to spread Triazicide Spectracide (package states it kills beetle roaches) under the trees and on my entire lawn area in March. It doesn't seem to have done much kill off the little buggers though so I did another spread recently. The tree in the worst condition is probably round 35% dried.

I'd LOVE to get rid of these bug as well as prevent my trees from getting worst! If anyone has any experience with this or has more suggestions I can try!

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You cannot just spread a bug killer for lawns on a tree. Generally trees are treated by spraying, not through the roots. Unless the species you have is listed on the label, it is not safe for that plant. . It probably worsened the condition. Ask the arborist what to put on it or call the master gardeners at UH or do internet research. .

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I've asked several arborist as well as UH via Urban Garden help line. Thats the woman arborist who said all of her trees died from the beetle roaches. They all pretty much said to keep area free of debris. Some of them suggested spraying the tree with water to get the bugs off but seriously the trees are 35-40 feet tall so using any type of spray would only go up 5-6 feet. No one can give me good suggestions to rid the trees of these buggers. I've used Spectracide on the lawn and under the trees because the bugs have been coming into the house for almost a year now and driving us crazy! It seems to have worked since we're seeing less bugs but more than likely most all of our trees will die eventually.

Oh well.

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Yes that's a tough one and I can see that you've done a lot of work on the problem. Whenever a plant is grown in an environment where it is not accustomed, you run the chance of having these sorts of problems due to pests or problems due to disease too because of different weather conditions. That is why people who try to recreate a Midwestern home landscape in Hawaii often have issues. I will do a little research on the web for you, but really you have talked to the specialists and if they don't know, it is unlikely I will find anything. Good luck.

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Yes when we moved in I thought it was strange that the former owners planted these trees in the yard. They even had a 30 ft Norfolk pine just outside our fence as well as a HUGE 25 ft Chinese Banyan next to the house which we removed since it was starting to lift our foundation. If you can find anything it would be great since I've all but given up.

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