Come On Hawaii... start Posting~

Tommyc(Mich 5-6)May 12, 2004

Sure hope more of you locals start using this forum and start spreading "Da Word".

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stephenpope2000uk(Brighton, UK)

Maybe the forum was a bridge too far. The gene-pool of Hawaiian interest insn't really big enough for such a specialist forum to attain critical mass. Or to achieve escape velocity, as NASA would say. (Just trying to max-out on the mixed metaphors - there's not much else to do round here...)

If you think this site is a bit quiet, drop in on the newly re-branded but still moribund American Fern Society forum where there appears to be no human life left at all. It's lonely out there in space.

Steve -Brighton, England

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TradewindsOrVog(z10 HA)

Aloha! I just got my garden going...still have to add some more starters pretty soon though -(running out of dirt)Hmm?
Like alot of folks, I enjoy working with non edible plants. I remember transplanting a coral tree (maybe just a couple years old) which remained stunted in the spot I'd planted it while another had taken off real well. Anyway, it was successfull. This time I did it again though I go through the same apprehension. Did I mutilate the main tap root? Anyone know how hardy these trees are? This is known as the "Cristi Gali" I don't feel up to checking on the spelling. Anyway, the flowers grow out like an arm with beautiful salmon colors (flowering like a jade vines)

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