Sad Hibiscus

Steph79(9a)April 15, 2013

Hi all,

My dh and I bought a house 6 months ago with a stunningly beautiful yard. Now, I have to try not to kill it.

There is a hibiscus that isn't happy. The leaves are turning yellow. I did notice some aphids on it, and sprayed with an organic insecticidal soap, then a couple weeks later with neem oil. The bugs seem to be mostly gone (it's rather large, so I'm sure some might be hanging out somewhere).

I've heard you shouldn't fertilize a stressed plant, but I do have some Medina Plus (previous home owner left it) and was told it's sort of a vitamin pick me up. Should I use some of that?

Suggestions appreciated :)

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I would say no and attach a picture. Different types have different needs. Incorrect fertilizers can kill a plant and often times yellow leaves are a hint of an issue, but not a reason to over react. I have several hibiscus that have been over wintering under artificial light and the leaves compensated to adjust (picture added). Now that spring is around the corner, I expose them to sunlight for 1-3 hour intervals. These larger leaves are being shed for newer smaller leaves as the plant adjusts. Wholesale shedding is a potential issues, but be conscience of more detailed leaf drop. Is it only bottom leaves, top, etc....
Hope this helps

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Oh, so it can be old leaves dropping for the new ones? That makes sense. Although "spring" isn't around the corner here, it's mostly over and heading straight into 'summer' shortly.

We have been having some odd random late cold fronts where the lows touch into the upper 40's here and there. Maybe that's throwing it off? The weather has been very A.D.D. this year.

I will try to post a pic if I can.

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It is now easy to upload photos from your computer, click on; Image file to upload (optional): then browse on your computer until you find that photo. Once you have linked the photo you do a Preview Message, it should show then, if not repeat the process. But once it shows do not do a Preview Message, but submit message or it will have to be re-attached.

And the very nice addition is you can come back and edit your post anytime thereby being able to attach your photo.

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