Darren this is my first bloom of your Mahogany Splendor Hibiscus

wally_1936(8b)April 25, 2013

I ended up with 4 out of 5 cuttings. I have given 2 away I have one in my front flower bed and one in my backyard. There lots of those funny buds starting but this was my first surprise bloom. I love the idea that I can have blooms from early spring until late fall. It sure is a tough plant. Many thanks

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Looks great Paul! Glad you are happy with them, it does seem to be a hardy little plant. The neatest feature is how it blooms all up and down the stalk, not just at the top.

Thanks for sharing that.


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Thank you for this wonderful gift I can keep on giving as it gets too big? Yes the one I have in my backyard has its second bloom this morning. I am trying to pollinate but not sure if this will happen. There are lots of buds up and down the stems. What I love about this plant besides the color is I can now have blooms over a much longer period than do any of my other hibiscus. I also love the way the bloom tucks in the bloom when it closes. The bloom is beautiful even after it closes.

I looked online and they say it is not only dought hardy but can grown in pond water.

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That's gorgeous,i've never seen that one..We have quite a few hibiscus,and i'd love to find one like that,even the foliage is pretty.

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