the differnce between rose of sharon and hibiscus?

flowercrazy44(z4-5 ONT)April 3, 2005

I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question. i was just wondering what the difference is between the two plants as they both look the same to me. Is rose of sharon more hardier than the hibiscus as I think that what you see more of in our area as we have harsh winters here. I have started tons of hibiscus seedlings but I will probably have to dig them up during the fall and bring them indoors and use as houseplants.I am new to all of this.


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minibim(FL z10)

Rose of Sharon - botanical name Hibiscus syriacus. Common names can cause confusion, botanical names don't.

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If they are hardy Hibiscus you dont have to dig up in fall, they die back and come up again in spring.

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Rose of Sharon are much hardier than even the hardiest hibiscus. One of my Rose of Sharon, started from a cutting, is now over 15' tall, whereas a hardy (not tropical) hibsicus (started from seed in 91) dies back in fall, then wakes up around June/July. One hardy hib has flowers w/diameters of 10-13" This is the Disco Belle w/red flowers. Another hardy hib w/white flowers, though only 7" diameter blooms, grow similar to the Disco Belle. I've also a young, 2 yr old purple flowered Rose of Sharon I bought at Home Depot..that's about 3 1/2' tall..Toni

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flowercrazy44(z4-5 ONT)

Thanks. Our winters are very harsh here. As a matter of fact we still have lots of snow as it's been snowing off and on since Friday. We can't plant our annuals until the first week of June(second to be on the safe side) as that is when the last frost is. I have a rose of sharon growing in the garden that I planted last year but I don't know if it will come back up again or not. I also have a hibiscus growing in the house. I have started a lot of hibiscus seeds in the house and I will plant them outside and when it is time I will bring them inside before the last frost as I highly doubt they will make it through the winter.
Thanks for telling me the difference betweeen a rose of sharon and a hibiscus as I sure appeciate it.

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Patricia, if you've got a lot of seed and they sprout, why not pic out the hardiest..Do u know if the seed are tropical or hardy? There's a huge difference. Also, I don't know if hardy hibs will grow indoors. Where did you get your seed? Was it from a place that sells tropical or hardy seeds? Toni

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maui4me(z6A TN)

Rose of Sharon (H. syriacus) is a woody shrub, and quite hardy. These often have very fertile seeds and you can end up with a forest of seedlings coming up near their parents if you're not vigilent. Many folks don't like them due to this "weedy" aspect. There are much improved modern varieties available. I've been especially pleased with the hybrid 'Diana' that was a USDA release several years ago. No seeds and very large, flat white flowers and blooms 'til frost. It is easily started from cuttings during the late summer.

The hardy herbaceous hibiscus is H. mosheutos or one of it's many hybrids and varieties. I'm not sure if any of this species can tolerate Z4-5 winters, even with a heavy mulch. The evergreen tropical hibiscus that you see in Florida, Hawai`i and other warm areas is H. sinensis. These will not tolerate cold.

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flowercrazy44(z4-5 ONT)

Thank you everyone

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My hardies have survived for years, you don't dig up, just cut back in fall or early spring. When it warms they will be back.

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I have a hardy Hibiscus plant that I have had for two years, and it finally bloomed this year, my neighbor keeps telling me it is a Rose of Sharon, but it does not look like any I have seen. It is white with a red throat, and it bloomed today, it was beautiful! It was large and very pretty. I will try to post a picture but for some reason this webpage won't let me post one, but will keep trying.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Hello Liz, I'm new to posting myself. I joined 'Photo Bucket' and posted my pictures on their web. Then copied the text provided and paste onto this message. Just click on some one's pictures and it should put you in Photo Bucket. It's free to join.

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