Hawaiian Ti Plants - IDs

spockvr6(Zone 9/10)June 9, 2008


I am writing from Florida.

A friend of mine with a house in Hilo sent me cuttings of 6 different Ti plants that were growing in his yard. However, neither he nor I can Id the varieties!

Can anyone here help?


Ti #1

Ti #2

Ti #3

Ti #4

Ti #5

Ti #6

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Ohhh they are sooo pretty.


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What beautiful ti plants! I have over 30 varieties of ti in my garden...collecting ti could go on forever. I've found that the same ti, planted in shade and sun look almost like different plants. There are two that look familiar but I hesitate to name them for that reason.
Hopefully, someone more knowledgeable than I will identify them for you.

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What fantastic ti plants! I think I would collect them too if I still lived back home in Kaneohe. But, auwe, I'm in Kansas now. I have one ti, a common one, that I baby along. Just planted it in a larger container not long ago and it is sitting happily out on the Lanai for the summer. Mahalo for posting the lovely pictures of such healthy plants.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

The last I've heard is that Ti plant is a Cordyline not a Dracaena so you can google either genus and get lots of descriptions. Also the last I heard they originated from eastern Asia and were brought to Hawaii by the polynesians.
Not only are there many wild species but dozens if not hundreds of hybrids so positive ID of a plant is almost impossible. you can certainly check out the many nurseries that sell these and compare pix with what you have.
As I recall Rare flora here in Florida has at least 25 pix of hybrids that they sell.
Obviously positive I D is almost impossible Good luck!!

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I have a ti plant which is 40 yrs old and 7.1/2 ft.tall if i cut it back under the leaves will the ti grow new sprouts ?

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Yes it will, and the cuttings will grow too. When the cut stalks resprout they usually fork.

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