Hibiscus fertilizer

elizabethk1April 22, 2014

After losing many plants (moves, pests) I am starting over growing tropical hibiscus. I made my purchase at HVH and I wanted to purchase their fertilizer, but the shipping is $17+! Under any circumstances, that is expensive, plus I have only 1 plant! I can get dyna grow foliage-pro 9-3-6 on Amazon with free shipping. Will the dyna gro make vigorous plants with many blooms like the HVH would? Thank you!

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PupillaCharites(FL 9a)

Looks to be a urea-free soluble formula. You HVH stuff looks like it is 10 pounds and cost $60+ including the $17+ shipping.

Dyna-Gro's "quart" seems to weigh 44 net weight oz., cost $20+ including free shipping off Amazon, and is roughly half strength of HVH, meaning it is the equivalent of 1.4 pounds HVH. The Dyna-Gro will need to be supplemented with potassium sulfate,, as it is not a blooming formula, an additional cost, though not a bad one.

You can buy 1.5 pounds of HVH fertilizer including shipping, for $24+ (includes $12+ shpg) if you don't anticipate need more for a long time. For $2, extra and to get a complete fertilizer without buying potassium sulfate, the choice seems clear to me as the total nutrient bag for the buck is so close.

If you really need 10 pounds of HVH, it is the far better deal, though I don't pay anything near those prices since I make my own fertilizers. But for one plant 10# is probably not your interest.

Good Luck

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Thank you Pupilla. I did buy the smaller size HVH fertilizer. Thanks for doing the math for me! For a few extra $$, It made sense. My plant is happy, too. I've got to learn to make my own fertilizer!

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