Is my rose of sharon a gonner? Newbie question

littlealexa(Chgo IL)April 7, 2008

I moved into my home in 2006, in the summer I had a gorgeous rose of sharon blooming. Not sure on the name but it has bright pink double blooms. It is about 9-10 ft. tall. It was quite a sight to see. Last year (2007), my ROS did not leaf at all. I lectured my hubby thinking he killed it when he pruned it in March. All summer it was just sticks. DH was ready to yank it out, but I checked for green and noticed that it did have a limegreen color with white underneath its bark. Why did it not bloom in 2007? It was the year of the cicadas and I had so so many of them could they have damaged it? I did not fertilize either just watered. We are gonna give it one more chance and I really want it to bloom this year, any suggestions on fertilizer or any tips will be greatly appreciated. I really want to save it. Thanks

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See if your ROS develops leaves this year.
Plants can't "eat" if they don't have leaves.
Could the bugs have eaten every single leaf on your bush?
It didn't have even one or two leaves last year?
I don't think a plant or bush or tree can survive without leaves.
Pruning wouldn't have killed it, they are tough bushes.
Hopefully, you will see life soon on your twigs.
Keep your eye out for them soon, my ROS are already waking up with a little new growth.
Good Luck!

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