Costco kitty litter jugs - looking for empties

raygrogan(Iowa and Hawaii)June 18, 2014

Thanks - I use the cat litter jugs to make pots for taro. If you have empties I would be glad to re-cycle them for you. Ray

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I'd like to see what the taro looks like in these pots.

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raygrogan(Iowa and Hawaii)

Thanks Toucan - here is a real nice one (they don't all look this good). Usually I grow them up in small pots first, going bigger and bigger about every 2 months. Then they go to the big green jugs, and into water, for the final 4-6 months. I harvest the leaf (for luau), and also get a half-sized corm. Ray

Here is a link that might be useful: A few more pix of how to grow taro.

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Thanks for posting this and all your experiments. What do you think was the best?

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raygrogan(Iowa and Hawaii)

My favorite methods - "bucket lo'i" (putting a flower pot plant under water in a bucket) is number 1. It is very productive and does not need much attention. I can grow all of my favorite tasty varieties this way.

In Hawaii number 2 would be "bunch". I can only grow 2 good varieties (MP and KK) with it as the rest of them tend to get rot after a few harvests. (In the bunch method you yank out whole plants, and the ones left behind have open wounds that are not treated.) The bunch method is the easiest labor-wise, almost all you do is pull and eat.

In Iowa number 2 would be the garden covered with carpet, esp with the sprouted satoimo that are in the markets about now. Almost instant easy crop in 2 months.

The earthboxes are new, and a little work to set up, but they seem pretty useful, too.

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Is "Bun-long" the variety of leaf that is the greens inside lau lau (the eating part, not the wrap). I've been looking for those greens to grow. The recipe just says luau leaves.

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raygrogan(Iowa and Hawaii)

Yes, most likely. About 90% of the taro leaf grown is bun long. (The only other commercial one I know of is KK by the guys up in Kahuku.) And ditto 90% of the corms you see for sale in grocery stores or Chinatown are bun long. If you see a corm that looks like it would grow they can be planted whole, growing point up, all covered with loose soil. Just light watering until it starts showing leaves, which will take a month or more. The picture is a cut open bun long to show the purple fibers on a white background, very distinct, so the corms are easy to recognize. Good luck growing, it is a fun garden plant.

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