?? - peppermint as ground cover

roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)April 28, 2008

okay - quit laughing - I KNOW it is quite invasive.

I have a rose bed out on my "terrace" that my XH put ROCKS out there and of course the grass comes up. i would LIKE to plant something out there that will choke out the grass - and peppermint is pretty!

Will it choke out the roses, or just go around them?

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It might choke it out, depending on the grass. It get's pretty tall, about a foot and a half tall and can get sometimes 'gangly' or at least mine does. It's probably harder to get rid of than the grass though.

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Why not plant garlic chives instead? They clump tightly, so will deter grass, but also they'll attract aphids away from your roses. They're very good companion plants. Besides, garlic chives flower, too, so it'll be prettier.

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

i think i am gonna dig out all the grass and rocks and put some of all out there!

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I love the idea of garlic chives. Normally I don't think of garlic as a flowering plant, so it's intriguing to hear the aesthetics praised.

Also I love the natural pest control tip. Have been poking around for information in that area -- fascinating stuff!

Rosey, good luck with your rock garden!

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i'd be careful using any of the mints, a mint had been planted at a house where i lived in zone 8/9 in california and it took over everything and was very hard to remove when it was growing into the grass and all over the place, finally i let the lawn service just mow it when it was where it didn't belong

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I have a front yard bed that I did choose to let the peppermint take over. It has choked out a lot of the weeds, and those that do come up? Well, it sure smells good when I weed! When it does get too tall or gangly I harvest, dry and use for tea. I also have neighbors that use mint for cooking and I share with them. I have some roses planted in that bed, and they do fine with the peppermint. All other plants I want to grow in that bed are in pots, but that makes it easier for me, as I am disabled and prefer my plants to be above ground level!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Garden Spot Blog

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

thanks for all the tips - i am loving the concept of mint smells while weed eating. :) I actually wish i could get it to take over in a couple of shady spots lol. still haven't decided what to do on the rose bed - will problly dig out the rocks that the XH put out there and kill the grass, then move forward from there!

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