Hibiscus coccineus

CostaBlancaApril 10, 2005


I finally got my plant identified here a couple of months ago and now even though Spring has started late, there is no sign of life in my plant. Surely it should be making signs of growth by now?

We had an unusual cold Winter dipping to -6ºC just a couple of miles from me. My min/max thermometer reached -3ºC. Any ideas? Any ideas, it was a young plant, not even flowered yet.



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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

Mine are starting to show signs of life, so I wouldn't give up hope. It will grow back from the roots.
We also had a cold winter, but these plants are hardy in colder climates than you or I, so if they don't come up and have died, I doubt it was the cold that did it.
Good luck!

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Barb, so there is hope still. It is still quite firm just at soil level. I have some seeds germinating as a back-up though.

I had intended planting it outside this year. Any advice. Clay soil with high Ph, hope it will flower with regular watering.

Many thanks,

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

It like moist conditions, so I would imagine clay soil won't deter it. I haven't heard about pH affecting them one way or another; perhaps some others here can add something about that.
I know the seeds have a high ghermination rate so if all else fails, you will have plants this summer!

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