Planting in Fern Acres, Big Island

mialinkJune 9, 2009


I am planning to move to Fern Acres in the next 6 months or so. I will be purchasing a 2 acre lot. Since there is only a thin layer of topsoil over what is likely pahoehoe lava in the area I was wondering what type of native plants I can add to the existing Ohia /Uluhe forest and the appropriate soil depths needed. I plan on having soil brought in. The plants that I plan on having are 25 Loulu(Molokai "blue Dwarf"), several Hibiscus(Kanani Kea), 'A'alii specimen , several Hala, Halapepe specimen , Mamaki specimen , Ho'awa specimen etc. My main question is the depth of soil needed for the Loulu palms, do I need several feet of topsoil where they are to be planted, or can I break up the lava and plant them in the subsequent holes filled with soil? The Loulo's will be along the fence border on the front section of property.I also plan to bring in a lot of soil for the back of the lot just to plant a Koa tree and Manele tree at opposing corners. A bit wordy, my apologies just hoping I'll be able to have my own private botanical garden there without too many problems.

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Aloha mialink,
I just returned from Hilo this morning with a boxful of plants that I purchased from the Garden Exchange. I had these plants inspected at the State Ag office before packing them for their move to Oahu. I'm thinking you could get answers to your questions from them: Phone 808-974-4140, 16 E. Lanikuula in Hilo.
I love the thought of a "private botanical garden". Sounds like a fun project!

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