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laura55(z8 SC)April 21, 2007

I have a very important hibiscus that I planted in memory of my cat in 1993. I lived in Michigan and transplanted parts of it 3x when I moved within Michigan and it did fine. I moved to Charleston, SC last year. I grew my cuttings in a pot and finally planted my special hibiscus a couple of weeks ago. It's a mostly sunny spot, azalias are planted in the area, and it's surrounded with pine straw. It is having a rough time and I'm panicked. We had a hard frost a couple of days after I planted it. Could that be the problem? It thrived in Michigan where it went below zero. I believe it is a Rose of Sharon variety, double bloom dark mauve. I should mention it looks like new leaves are still sprouting.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Laura, did you fertilize the Hib? It almost looks like fertilizer burn, but can't say for sure.
Is Rose of Sharon able to grow in SC? Do you see others growing there? Toni

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laura55(z8 SC)

Toni, I can't say that I've seen other Rose of Sharon Hibiscus here in SC, but my plant book and a couple websites say they grow in this zone. I was watering with a Miracle Grow solution when it was in the pot and it did fine. I took a leaf to Lowe's garden area after I posted above and they said they believe it was a frost burn because after I planted it, the temp went down to 29 degrees. I didn't understand that, cause it lived in temps down to 0 in Michigan, but after I thought about it, it also never had leaves on it when temps were below freezing. They suggested a slow release all purpose fertilizer which I put on last weekend. A few of the new leaves are pale yellow, but there are some new leaves that look ok too. I am keeping my fingers crossed and talking to it every day :0) Thanks for responding.

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I seem to be having the same problem. Although I live in NY and my hibiscus is an indoor/outdoor. It has those dry spots all over and then the leaves fall off. I'm still getting new leaves and blooms. I just repotted it thinking it was potbound but it wasn't. What am I doing wrong? Should I take all of the spotted leaves off? I'm so sad. I love this plant. Also, I've just let it grow naturally. Should I be pruning it so that it has that popsicle shape? How would I do that? Thanks everyone!!!

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Laura, I agree ROS can live in 0 weather in winter, heck, I've 2 here and it got down to -4 not counting wind chill, yet leaves are starting to grow in.
Your plant may just need acclimating to its new zone. I'd remove marred leaevs, but this is up to you. Keep talking to your plant..LOL. hey, we never know what they understand.

Casey, do you have a hibiscus or Rose of Sharon? Also, are you saying your plant can be kept outside?
If meant to be outside in your zone, insufficent air circulation could be the problem. I'm not sure if you have a it tropical? Toni

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laura55(z8 SC)

Hi, I'm back. It's been 7 weeks since I planted the Rose of Sharon hibiscus and it is still looking terrible. I've learned how to post these pictures, so here ya go. Overall pale looking. Unbelievably it's getting buds. That bud photo shows a leaf looking like it's eaten away, but I believe that is one of the leaves that got frost burnt(?)a few days after I planted it. I'm told that these plants grow very well here in SC. Newer growth has pale spots. No signs of bugs. It gets watered every other day with the sprinkler system. Seems like it should be adjusted after 7 weeks. I'm waiting for soil sample results to come back from Clemson Extension, but that will be 2 weeks away. Anyone got any ideas on what is wrong with it?

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