The best way to plant seeds?

gardeniarose(z10FLA)April 17, 2006

I harvested a ripe seed pod from my H. rosa-sinensis about a week ago. They are the result of a cross breeding I did between 2 different cultivars that I have. Now I am afraid to plant them for fear of losing the seedlings to damp-off or some other seedling crisis, so they sit in a cup next to my computer. Does anyone know of the best way to plant the seeds to increase likelihood of germination and also to prevent things like damp-off? I have 11 seeds. Thanks!

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germination rate in cross-bred seeds, in my experience, is very low, if at all.

soaking them for two hours in lukewarm water, then scarifying them, and planting in auxin rich media is essential even if you want a single live plant.

i would suggest you to plant 5 seeds for starters, using the approach i mentioned. even if it does not work, you have the rest to fall back on.

be advised though, i have yet to see a mature plant from a seedling performing as good as the mother/father plant.

hope this helps,


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Thank you, arkantos. Today, before I saw your post, I bought one of those seed starter trays with the little peat cups. It forms like a little greenhouse with its plastic cover. I'll try some with your method, a few with this seed kit and save the rest. Thanks for your advice!

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