Silver, twisted trees?

maroonmudskipper(11)July 22, 2013

I'm new to the Island (oahu) and I keep seeing these trees, unfortunately only when I'm in the car and don't have a chance to stop and look at the properly.

They have light green, almost silvery leaves and very pale grey bark. The trunk and branches are twisty and almost look vine-like. I find them to be exceptionally attractive, and I'd like to get a sapling (if possible) or at least know WHAT these trees are called!

All my efforts to Google have been to no avail, I am hopeless with search engines. I just cannot phrase properly.

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Is this it? I am new to Honolulu and have seen these all over the place. They are the indian Banyan, a type of Ficus.

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No, not the Banyans, although they are especially cool looking trees!

The leaves have that same color as the silvery eucalyptus.

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I believe what you are trying to identiy is a Silver Buttonwood tree. I'll attach a photo when I get a chance to take a picture on one, otherwise you can do a search on the tree and get info and pictures.

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attached are two pictures of a silver buttonwood tree. Whole tree and closeup.

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