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hibiscus_bobApril 22, 2009

Last summer I bought two Hibiscus plants from Lowe's. I don't know what type of Hibiscus they are, but they where in a pot with about three tall branches. I planted them outside on the south facing side of my home. They did fine.

After the winter I have not seen any growth activity - Is this normal, should I be doing something to help, or have I no chance of there return?

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If they are tropical hibiscus then they are long dead. If they are the perennial hibiscus then you wont see any growth until about June. They usually flower around the fourth of july.

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Thank you for your reply. I don't think they are tropical, I have seen established plants in my surrounding area, I hope I bought the right type, but assuming Lowes would not be selling some thing that would die so Easley.
I will watch for grout around June. Should I just let what appears to be dead sticks be until I see some activity?

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

lowe's would sell them either way - but they SHOULD have been marked as tropicals if they were....

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I am in hopes someone can help me, I purchased my first "hardy" hibiscus last year, and I dont know if they survived, but then I don't know what to look for (they are NOT rose of sharon) I have dead wood about 6", does anyone know if they come back on the wood, or new sprouts, and about when they do come up?I am worried as I really didnt have the root system covered that deep over the winter-and it was a cold winter... anyway to tell if alive?thanks to all who can help!! :)

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Your hardy hibiscus will start coming up from the ground .I'm in michigan and mine start to shoot the end of may/early june

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they will grow from the ground. if you did not prune them back it's ok to trim most of the old dead wood off. Mine is already growing it's about 12inches already. this is very early for a hibiscus.

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I have some new growth on one of my plants, two new shoots about an inch and a half.
"darkeyes1023" posted it's ok to prune the dead looking stuff is I didn't do it already. When if the best time to do the pruning?

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I had a new real hardy plant, put it in a pot and it was doing great. I watered it with Miricle Grow bloom and the next day it is all wilted and lost almost all its leaves, it has a few buds on it; but is not openning. Can i recover it??

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I have a Hibicus plant that I have had for 2 years, it has buds on it but the biggest one is opening real slow, is this normal? It is the end of August almost the 1st of September, I thought that they bloomed before now, why is mine so late, I ask again is this normal? Will they actually bloom, I have about 6 buds but they are small, will they bloom or die on the bush?

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rosco_p(z6a ont.canada)

Liz62: It does seem that your hibiscus is a bit slow in blooming, but is it receiving a good deal of sunshine during the day or is it in more of a shaded spot. I have had blooms for about three weeks now but mine is also still blooming. If you have buds that are swelling I am sure you will see blooms soon.I don't see from your info. what zone you are growing in but there is still time to see these buds open and flourish in most zones.

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Is it the 15-30-15 version? Anyway, a fertilizer with the high middle number should not be used for hibs. A balanced ferts like 10-10-10 maybe used sparingly. It is best to use a fert with a low middle number like 2-1-3 ratio or something similar. Anyway, do not fertilize your hibs in the heat of the day, and maybe you did that for the plant to react the way it did. Else, the fert dosage was too high. Water it in the shower mode till about 50% of the water you added drains out below the pot. It will help to clean up the salts in the soil. Let it rest and just water it once a day, preferably early in the morning or late afternoon. Hopefully, it will recover. If you have access to seaweed extract, spray your plant according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

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I bought some hibiscus and a gardenia, they were gorgous at the beginning but now they are wilted and seem to have lost most of their leaves. What should I do to recover them? When I bought them the lady at the nursery said I should use 20-20-20 for both of them... I have and I don't know what went wrong. I have two more hibs in pot and now I am skepical to plant them in the ground. I live in Fort Worth Tx and don't know what zone that would be. Please help me I dont want to lose these plants. Thank You!!

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