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izzybelle(11)July 7, 2007

Anyone using this site grow roses? Or vigna caracalla? I'm working on being "self sufficient" on the subject of onion, ginger, and garlic. Don't want to constantly go to the store. How about you? Thought I'd post because this site doesn't seem to get much traffic.



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Aloha Lee,
I am growing some minature roses that I found in the grocery store just after mothers day. When I bought them their poor little feet were stuffed into 2 inch pots! They are doing so well out in the garden where they have some room to stretch.
I sowed seed of vigna caracalla in February in a large pot on the lanai, and they have just started to bloom! They smell wonderful, sort of like hyacinth. The blooms only seem to last a day or two, but there are a ton coming! Today I noticed some seed pods which look rather like bean pods growing so I am hoping I will have some to share with others in the future (I had a very difficult time finding seed).
I don't grow too much in the way of vegetables but have a lovely stand of lemon grass grown from a piece from the grocery store. We have a lot of wild tomatoes that just appear everywhere, they are very small with toughish skins -but they are very sweet.
We grow mostly the usual tropical fruit in our garden...

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Hi Izzybelle
Have a few roses-ordering more for next year! Been up to Kula to see the AARS demonstration garden yet? Far as I can tell it's the closest thing to a public rose garden in this state!
All roses beautiful but I prefer big, old fashioned, frilly, fragrant roses myself. Waiting to see how disease resistant my plants are-would prefer to go 'no spray'. So far Chinese Rose Beetle is #1 problem :(
Jenny-poor me-can't even grow cherry toms here-fruit flies a problem even with baits! I stick to herbs, lettuces. Need to visit with my new Filipino neighbor-he's got quite an impressive veg. garden going! maybe i've been growing the wrong things.

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Hi! Glad to hear from some folks down here. Jenny, I wish I had known- I have had vigna caracalla for about 2 years. They bloom and set pods like crazy. I've thrown out a whole grocery bag full last fall and am digging up seedlings (still) of the ones I missed...
Mauirose, just keep trying to grow different things. The tomatoes that Jenny mentioned are dropped off by birds. They grow like crazy here on Oahu also--except that the spidermites get them after a few flushes of tomatoes. I've had some luck with plum tomatoes except the medfly started stinging them and I had to cover--then found out that my neighbor had placed a hormone attractant near my side of the fence...he'elani: didn't know that it was determinate and planted 5 plants, they grew huge and "suddenly" set fruit, buckets of them...brandywine: didn't really care for the taste or the long wait for the fruit...Actually, we should start another thread about "mistakes" in Hawaii gardening...
Lee ;)

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