annual hibiscus family seeds

jardinerowaApril 13, 2013


I'm in Southern CA and its 60s to 70s in days and low 50s in nights. I'm trying to grow Roselle, Manihot, Hibiscus Moscheutos from seeds and having a hard time. I have hibiscus moscheutos seedilngs that are so far doing well but growing slowly. The Roselle that I planted in the ground and in small pots basically opened their cotyledons and haven't moved at all. Then eventually slugs or bugs get to them because they just don't grow.
The same thing happened two years when I tried to grow Okra. They just showed their cotyledons and that was that. I don't know I sowed them at the wrong time or what?
It takes for ever to warm up here in the San Diego that the issue? Thanks! The manihot I'm still waiting on.


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I know Okra likes heat, and so does Hibiscus. Try a heating pad and lots of sun. Have you tried soaking the seed in warm water overnight?

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It's not that I can't get them to germinate. I can, but then afterwards. Plus, even if I have them in the house, the temp in the house is just slightly warmer than outside.
I'll will try some again and then try the majority of seeds end of May. Thanks!


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You should have better luck then... Good luck c the ones in the house until then.

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I have heard issues of Hib M. in dryer climates. These plants tent to flourish well in warm humid environments with constant water. We have some wild varieties in the mid west that grow wildly in stagnant water filled ditches. Some of the mid west zoos and botanical gardens use these in 'swamp-like' displays. As an example, some of mine are experiencing issues being inside for the winter with the dry humidity. I wish you luck!

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Thanks for the replies! Actually here in the San Diego area we have a very humid spring so dry air is not a problem here until later in the summer.
I really think it's the cold. We always have that marine influence from the ocean that limits the higher temperatures that hibiscus love. Oh well, I'll keep trying and waiting for it to warm up outside! :)

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