Rose of Sharon?

layne205April 12, 2008

Hello everyone. For 5 years I lived with this beautiful bush right outside the door to my apartment. I believe it is a variety of a Rose of Sharon, correct? I wished I could take it with me when I moved, especially since it grows like a weed in the hot Texas sun without the slightest care at all. So when we cut off some branches to facilitate my moving out (it is quite literally RIGHT outside the door) I picked up the largest branch and stuck it in water with my fingers crossed. To my great surprise it now has grown roots! My question is when can I put it into some dirt, and is there anything else I need to do? The leaves are fairly wilted now, though they have not fallen off. Here's a picture I took of it last July.

Thanks! Layne

Here is a link that might be useful: purple flower

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You can pot it up if your not ready to put it in the ground yet. Keep it watered until it starts growing again.

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