Tropical plant IDs

gusolieJuly 14, 2009

Already posted this in the Florida and Tropical Forums, but also here might find some help. I came across some plants that seem so familiar but I couldn't find anything in my books to help identify them.

I am hoping to get the BOTANICAL name, but just the genus would really help!


#1 in the Acanthus family:

#2 also in Acanthus family, is this a cultivar of Eranthemum?

#3 Do sea grape species have red flowers?

#4 What cultivar of copperleaf (acalypha wilkesiana) is this?

#5 This is THE zinger of the trip--it has 4 petals and 4 more (so not a hibiscus), leaves are kinda like mulberry...

and its seed pod is a little thing like a green rumbutan!

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#5 Annatto (Bixa orellana L.)

A versatile plant, the red seeds within the ripe pods are used as spice, and the red pods themselves are sometimes used in floral arrangements--dry or fresh. It's called few names, but the common name I mostly hear is achiote and lipstick plant.

Thinking about how the spice is used in many dishes is making me hungry...

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randg, thanks for the post, but it is clearly not lipstick plant. Bixa has five petals and red pods. This has four petals and the fruits are light green and fine haired.

Someone IDed it for me as Bolo Bolo - Clappertonia ficifolia.

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